19th November 1917

Details of Motor Cycle racing Seaview (now Bucasia Beach Mackay)

The first sports gathering of the recently formed Automobile Club was held on Wednesday on Seaview Beach. The weather was ideal for the outing and an enjoyable time was spent. In addition to those who participated in the sports there were over one hundred spectators who took a lively interest in the meeting, The President (Mr. H. Zillman) and secretary (Mr. H. Sheperd) were kept very busy in arranging the various events and to them the success of the outing is attributable. During the morning a high tide prevailed and the motorists indulged in a bathe which was thoroughly enjoyed. After lunch the sports programme was run off.

The first event was a motor cycle race, in which there were three competitors. This was won by A.B. Milne (Triumph), then came R. Lake and R. Burnett. The latter in turning ran his machine into the water while Lake was delayed on account of a broken benzine pipe.

Motor Cycle Race. 6 miles.

A. B. Milne (scr.),1,
R, Lake (10sec.) 2,
R. Burnett (60 sec.) 3.
Time 11min 30 sec.

A potato race, in cars, was the next event, and drew six competitors. The winner was Mr. A.W. Kemp who succeeded in throwing a Potato into eight receptacles and complete the distance - about a quarter of a mile, in 1 min. 20sec. G. Hodges completed the distance in the shortest time, 59 3-5sec., but failed to deposit all the potatoes in the buckets.

Potato Race,
A.W. Kemp (1min, 20sec.) 1,
A.B. Milne (1 min 23 sec.
Six competitors.

A musical chair's competition followed, and Mr. Kemp was again successful, with Mr. Bracken, after an exciting finish.

Musical Chairs Competition
Mr. A. W. Kemp, 1.

A motor cycle despatch race concluded the Programme. In this event the competitors rode a mile with a despatch, had it signed and returned to the starting post. The winner was Mr. A.B. Milne.

Motor Cycle Despatch Race, 2 miles
A.B. Milne (3min. 35sec. ) 1.
R. Lake (3min, 53 sec. ). 2.
Three starters.

The committee are highly gratified at the result of their first effort in this direction and intend holding a similar gathering when opportunity offers.

The prizes for the races are trophies presented by members of the committee and will be presented later.

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Andrew Brough Milne was related to George Brough - the  manufacturer of the famous "Brough Superior" motorcycle.
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