ABM designed a rotary engine during the years of World War I.

He never took the design beyond concept stage, because, as he says:

"I contended that the cooling and oiling (systems) were almost insurmountable difficulties, but with the partial success of the 'Sarich' (engine), and the more efficient oils available today, I think mine would be successful"

With the Sarich rotary engine renewing his interest, in 1973 wrote to his grandson, a mechanical engineer,  asking him if he would be interested in the design of the rotary engine:

The grandson expressed interest, and met with ABM, who explained the concept and made rough, hand-drawn sketches (on original AB Milne letterhead), reproduced here:

Note: these designs are registered copyright.

That grandson... the lazy, idle sod...  has done nothing in the intervening years*.

* The lazy grandson has asked me to present the following calculations to defend the charge that he did nothing in the intervening years. You may hover your mouse over the slides, then double click to view them in expanded mode.

Those who may be mathematically minded, can check his calculations. I'm sure you'll find that he has been frittering his time away, like he always did!

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