Funeral Service at the Newhaven Crematorium , Mackay Queensland
 Thursday October 22nd 2009

(written by David McLeod, delivered by Rod McLeod)
Part 2
Townsville 1971-1989

After resigning from the Air Force, Tom took up a post at the
James Cook University in Townsville.

His new job opened up new possibilities for Olive,
and, as this was to be a permanent position - no more postings!

Olive developed  her creative and business ideas,  and Tom joined the Angling Club.
Jordan Fabrics
When Tom retired from the University, a decision was made to return to Mackay.
They designed and built a new house in Shoal Point, a whole new garden to plan and an entertainment area to complete.
After Tom passed away on the 25th of March 1997, Olive decided that the house in Shoal Point held too many good memories, and she decided to start this phase of her life in a new house in North Mackay, close to her birthplace.
She threw herself into new activities - Probis, the Ulysses motorcycle club, volunteering for the Red Cross, the Library, and Meals on Wheels....
In 2003, she decided to move closer to her nieces.

She and her new friend Don, moved to the Gold Coast.

A whole new round of parties began.
In 2006, Olive decided the Gold Coast was not her style, and made the move back to Mackay, buying a house and settling into Andergrove.
Tropical Avenue

"Count your age with friends but not with years"

If this saying is true, Olive lived for a very, very long time!
She had a natural ability to make and keep friends, some friendships going back 70 years!
Music played a large part in Olive's life, not only for her but for the entire family.

Olive played the Guitar, the mouth organ, piano, and is a renowned wash board player!

Rod has followed in her footsteps, and David is a fair hand with a CD player.
Olive the Volunteer.

Another of Olive's traits was that of caring.

She gave much of herself in helping others and causes.
Over the years Olive donated her time to:
Tourist organizations,
The Red Cross,
Different Museums
Meals on Wheels,
Local charities in different locations,
Australia Day Associations
Olives love of animals shows through with the large variety of pets she has had over the years.

Dogs of different varieties, Canaries, budgerigars, gallahs, wild birds she has rescued and released, the list goes on!

Olive formed several businesses, the first being TOS, Townsville Organizing Services, which organized cleaning services, child minding, delivers services, you name it.
The business thrived and Olive moved on to Big Jack Shirt Shack, where her sewing skills made shirts for large people.

And all of this while being a mum and housewife.

Olive loved riding her motor bike and only sold it reluctantly when she turned 80 years old.

"I didn't want to be known as the oldest  woman riding a motorbike"
Eulogy part 3